Baird Family Cemetery - Gasburg
Notes:This very well-kept cemetery is located approx. 100 yds. west of Baird Rd. (Route 668) and approx. 0.2 mi. south of Gasburg Golf Club, (golf course).
Latitude:36º 33' 3.8" N   (36.551056)
Longitude:77º 53' 24.8" W   (-77.890222)
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James Norman Carter23 Mar 1915 —18 Jun 2004Loving Husband

Mildred Jennings Baird1 Jan 1923 —2 Jun 2004

Leon Esty Baird4 Aug 1894 —11 Mar 1956A devoted husband and father

Nellie Taylor Baird4 Feb 1894 —4 Apr 1944A devoted wife and mother
Notes: The Census of 1920 for Powellton District identified Leon and Nellie, both age 25, Family 161.

Prince Marvin Jones18 Aug 1916 —2 Feb 1984A devoted husband and father

Viola Baird Jones28 Mar 1922 —7 Jun 2000A devoted wife and mother


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