Brackett-Jackson Family Cemetery
Notes:This 60 ft. x 60 ft. African-American cemetery is at the intersection of Rawlings Rd. (Route 629) and Baskerville Mill Rd. (Route 610). Five graves are marked with small wooden crosses and flowers only.
Latitude:36º 57' 11.0" N   (36.953064)
Longitude:77º 47' 34.2" W   (-77.792843)
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Earl Parham1951 —1995

Kate Bracket1893 —1957A small metal funeral home marker.

Dora Brackett1893 —1994A small metal funeral home marker.

James J. Brackett Sr.28 Aug 1932 —25 Mar 1994

Pinkie Jackson23 Mar 1885 —18 Nov 1973

Celia Jackson1916 —1986A small metal funeral home marker.

Alice Rebecca Jackson3 Oct 1905 —29 Jul 1995


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