Braswell Family Cemetery - Gasburg
Notes:Located down a wooded path approx. 100 yd. south of the Old Pleasant Hill Church Cemetery, which is located on the east side of Ankum Rd. (Route 665), approx. 0.4 mi. north of the intersection of Ankum Rd and Lake Gaston Drive.
Latitude:36º 34' 52.8" N   (36.581333)
Longitude:77º 53' 23.5" W   (-77.889861)
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This cemetery contains the remains of Pvt. Isaac Thomas Braswell, his son James Thomas Braswell by his first wife, Susan L. Baird, and Isaac's second wife Martha Carrie Hammack, CWS f BCV, pp. 74-75.

Mattie C. Hammack26 Jul 1852 —16 Jun 1921Wife of
Isaac Braswell
Thy will be done
Only waiting the resurrection morn.

Isaac T. Braswell Coleman's Co.
Notes: This is a government-issued military marker.

James T. Braswell7 Jul 1876 —16 Jan 1943FATHER
Gone But Not Forgotten


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