Carroll Family Cemetery
The entrance to this well-kept cemetery is located on the south side of Brodnax Rd. (Route 659), approx. 100 ft west of Hill Creek Rd. (Route 658). Follow a gravel driveway approx. 200 yd. south of Brodnax Rd., then turn right onto a narrow wooded path and go another 200 yd. west to the cemetery. At least 7 other graves are here, as evidenced by uniformly placed fieldstones.
Latitude:36º 39' 54.7" N   (36.665194)
Longitude:77º 59' 40.6" W   (-77.994611)
GNIS ID:1464460

Domie Carroll Blanton25 Sep 1903 —24 Apr 1963A tender mother and a faithful friend
Small metal funeral home marker spells her name Doma.
Doma Carroll married frst Johnnie Pulley, CWS f BCV, p. 94.

Thomas E. Carroll23 Oct 1875 —19 Jan 1948His memory is blessed
Blanche Carroll15 Apr 1878 —2 Apr 1947A tender mother and faithful friend
Thomas E. Carroll married Addie Crowder so Blanche is apparently a second wife, CWS f BCV, p. 94.

Simpson Smithey Pulley24 Dec 1922 —31 Aug 1989U S Navy
World War II
This is a government-issued military marker.

Otis Grady Carroll4 Oct 1916 —7 Jun 1981Gone But Not Forgotten
By baby daughter

Raymond Jones19 Apr 1928 —22 Jan 1998

Clarence Henry Jones5 Apr 1926 —6 Jan 1996

Jerry O'Neal Moore22 Apr 1953 —8 May 2002

Ricky Dean Liming1964 —1964
This is a small metal funeral home marker.

Vela Carroll Jones1910 —1971
This is a small metal funeral home marker.
According to Civil War Soldiers from Brunswick County, Virginia, Pvt. Robert R. Carroll might be in one of the unmarked graves in this cemetery, since his son Thomas E. Carroll is here, CWS f BCV, p. 94.

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