Algernon Clary Family Cemetery
Notes:Located down a farm path, 0.45 mi. east of Elam Rd. (Route 644) and approx. 1.1 mi. south of Gasburg Rd. (Route 626). At least 7 other graves, marked only with fieldstones, are in this approx. 50 ft square cemetery that sits in a cow pasture underneath several large walnut trees. The owner of the property, who grew up in the house next to the cemetery, stated that this was the old “Clary” place, and his father or grandfather had purchased it from the Clarys.
Latitude:36º 34' 28.9" N   (36.574694)
Longitude:77º 56' 4.8" W   (-77.934667)
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Algie Non Clary3 Oct 1877 —9 Jan 1933
This is likely Algernon H. Clary, son of Edward J. and Julia Ellen Clary, CWS f BCV, p. 111. Notes: A stone for Mary P. Crowder Clary in James Square Baptist Church Cemetery identifies her as the wife of Algie N. Clary.


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