Dugger-Temple Family Cemetery
Located on the north side of Brodnax Rd. (Route 659), approx. 0.15 mi. east of Canaan Church Rd. (Route 624), approx. 100 yd. east of the home with the address of 4368 Brodnax Rd. The cemetery is enclosed on 3 sides by woven wire (cow pasture) fence, and on 1 side by a 5 ft tall chain link fence. It is approx. 30 ft x 80 ft in size, and is badly overgrown.
Latitude:36º 40' 33.4" N   (36.675944)
Longitude:78º 1' 20.0" W   (-78.022222)

Armstead Dugger15 Nov 1853 —23 Jul 1935
Martha J. Dugger16 Jan 1865 —9 Oct 1924Having finished life's duty
She now sweetly rests.
Martha J. Lambert married Armstead Dugger, CWS f BCV, p. 321.

Elizabeth Dugger Wife of
Richmond Dugger
Beautiful spirit
taken above to revel
There are no dates on this stone.

Alli L. Dugger31 Jan 1887 —29 Jun 1887Daughter of
A.?. & ?.J. Dugger
Gone to her rest
Oh sweet the thought
Our loved one
with the blest
Parents initials too difficult to read, but very probable the daughter Armstead & Martha J. Dugger who married in 1885. Stone is broken in half.

Jessie Walker A star gone
down in earth
born darkness
now shines in Etern
the purer atmosphere
of heaven
This stone is broken in half, making one line of text impossible to read. No dates on the stone.

Permelia Walker Wife of
Jessie Walker
A priceless gem
has been torn from
its earthly setting
and placed in the
?????? of glory
Stone very worn and difficult to read and contain no dates.

John C. Dugger19 Apr 1812 —13 Aug 1904God gave. He took. He will
restore, He doeth all
things well
John C. Dugger married Cynthia J. Walker, the daughter of Permelia Walker, in Brunswick County 24 Dec 1840, BCVM, p. 42. In 1850 John and Cynthia, ages 33 and 22, were residing in Brunswick County, Family 219.

Henry Dugger Son of
J.C. & ???? Dugger
Age 8
Our ????????????????
Stone very worn & extreamly difficult to read. No dates.

Martha Jordan TempleMar 1865 —Aug 1875Daughter of
J.F. & E.E. Temple
See CWS f BCV, p. 549.

?? WrayApril ??, 1850 —Nov ??, 1912
This marker is a flat field stone into which someone has crudely chiseled the inscription in a homemade fashion.

Elizabeth E. Temple17 Aug 1828 —13 Feb 1885They loved her most
who knew her best
This marker is an oblisk style approx. 3 ft tall.
Elizabeth Edmund (Webb) Lambert, wife of Pvt. James Frederick Temple who is buried at Point Lookout, Maryland. She died 9 Mar 1885, CWS f BCV, p. 549.

James F. Temple25 Oct 1860 —20 Nov 1904God's finger touched him
and he slept
Likely James Frederick Temple Jr., although the date of birth is shown as 12 Jul 1861, CWS f BCV, p. 549.


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