Emmanuel Episcopal Church Cemetery
Notes:Located on the north side of Smokey Ordinary Rd. (Route 608), 1.1 mi. west of the Greensville County line and 3.0 mi. east of Old Stage Rd. (Route 712). The church building still stands, but is no longer in use. At least 9 other graves are here as evidenced by fieldstones and depressions. Most of the graves here are in smaller family sections which are individually fenced or boardered with stone.
Latitude:36º 49' 40.3" N   (36.827861)
Longitude:77º 40' 43.5" W   (-77.678750)
GNIS ID:1466281
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Clarence E. Delbridge6 May 1905 —10 Sep 1959

Anna Rollin Delbridge5 May 1905 —28 Jun 1985

Charles H. Rollin Jr.19 Apr 1911 —28 Sep 1975

Mary Rollin Gage16 Nov 1898 —20 Sep 1921Some time we'll understand

John E. SamfordOct 1888 —Feb 1955
Hazel R. SamfordJan 1902 —May 1943
Hazel Luella Rollin, CWS f BCV, p. 520.

Kenneth Luther Jackson28 Feb 1897 —25 Oct 1971
Thelma Rollin Jackson16 May 1907 —20 Sep 1985

Charles H. Rollin6 Jun 1867 —11 Dec 1930“I know that my Redeemer livith”

Pearl H. Rollin22 Oct 1879 —29 Jan 1961

John Edward Samford Jr.14 Sep 1932 —24 Nov 1987

Martha P. Laird23 May 1879 —7 Sep 1932“He that abidith in love, abidith in God”

Frank Carlton Gage8 Sep 1883 —1 Apr 1945
Kate Blanche Gage26 Nov 1885 —19 Feb 1970
Notes: The 2 individual names with dates are on foot stones.

Will F. Holloway20 May 1896 —30 May 1964
Addie Jane Holloway9 May 1896 —19 Aug 1958Weep not, she is at rest

Margaret R. Holloway8 Oct 1929 —
Willie H. Holloway17 Feb 1930 —3 Feb 1963Weep not, he is at rest
Notes: No date of death.

Sarah B. Johnson13 Dec 1877 —15 Apr 1934

Bernard T. Holloway7 Feb 1895 —14 Dec 1946Love makes memory eternal

Lillie Mae Holloway27 May 1889 —1 Nov 1966

Minnie E. Wirt28 Oct 1898 —
Ridgeway H. Wirt15 Apr 1895 —26 Oct 1957We have loved him during life
We will not forget him in death
Notes: No date of death.

Kathryn E. Wirt8 Apr 1918 —4 Sep 1918
James G. Wirt26 Dec 1920 —17 May 1923
Notes: Both of these children are inscribed on the same stone.

Charles W. Holloway28 Aug 1905 —22 Dec 1964The Lord is my Shepard

William H. Holloway12 Jan 1867 —15 Jan 1932Father

Maggie E. Holloway7 Oct 1875 —10 Apr 1917Mother

Indiana Virginia Cheely28 Feb 1863 —24 Jun 1952

Timothy D. Royal1880 —1967
Lucy A. Royal1899 —1966
Timothy Duane Royall and second wife Lucy Elizabeth (Avery) Slaughter, CWS f BCV, p. 479.

William Bland Holloway21 Mar 1927 —30 Nov 1950Virginia
World War II
Notes: This is a government-issued military marker.

A. J. Brockwell11 Mar 1884 —22 Jan 1936At rest
Notes: Homemade marker with inscription scratched in it.

J. H. Brockwell15 Jun 1859 —7 Nov 1934
John H. Brockwell, CWS f BCV, pp. 81, 122. Notes: Homemade marker with inscription scratched in it.

Luster W. Brockwell1 Feb 1902 —20 Jun 1931Son of
John H. & Sallie
Notes: Homemade marker with inscription scratched in it.

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