Green Chapel Church Cemetery
Address:1654 Greens Chapel Rd.
Brodnax 23920
Latitude:36º 46' 2.5" N   (36.767368)
Longitude:77º 56' 4.0" W   (-77.934440)
GNIS ID:1467460
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Lona Wilkins Allen4 Oct 1915 —16 Jul 1991

Thomas L. Hicks Sr.6 Jan 1920 —23 Oct 2002

Clifton Holmes26 Jan 1891 —15 Jan 1983Pvt.
US Army
World War I

George E. Holmes25 Jul 1912 —25 May 2002

Pvt. Luther J. Meade7 Jul 1892 —6 Jan 1987PVT
US Army
World War I

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