Gunn-Elmore Family Cemetery
This well maintained cemetery is located in a small batch of trees in an open field just west of Danieltown on New Hope Rd. (Route 729), south of the old railroad tracks. It is about 40 ft x 30 ft enclosed by a chain link fence. At least a dozen or so unmarked graves are here.
Latitude:36º 54' 10.4" N   (36.902880)
Longitude:77º 58' 5.6" W   (-77.968210)

Albert A. Elmore1881 —1950
Mary Etta Elmore1885 —1953
Mary Etta Tucker, daughter of William Tucker, married Albert A. Elmore, CWS f BCV, p. 179. Notes: Albert also has a small metal funeral home marker.

Algie Sydney Gunn1 May 1876 —25 Feb 1960

Ophelia Elmore Gunn24 Jul 1876 —22 Dec 1945
Ophelia E. Elmore married Algernon Sidney Gunn, CWS f BCV, pp. 179, 224, 412, 510.

Bernard Everett Elmore10 May 1905 —20 May 1985
See CWS f BCV, p. 180.

Carrie Elmore1 Jan 1915 —13 Jan 1996
Notes: She also has a small homemade stone which reads “Mother”

Clayton Elmore Wyatt13 Dec 1927 —29 Apr 1929

Emmett E. Elmore1873 —1941
Notes: Hopewell Funeral Parlor, Inc. marker.

Susan Gunn Elmore1868 —1945
Susan Roberta Gunn married Emmett Elmore. Here also are children Herman Basset, Ethel, and Mark Hinton Elmore, CWS f BCV, p. 179. Notes: This is a small metal funeral home marker.

Wille C. Wyatt3 May 1902 —26 Jun 1936
Notes: A footstone is marked W.C.W.

Ethel Elmore Wyatt10 Nov 1902 —5 Jun 1979
Ethel Elmore married Willie C. Wyatt, and nearby is their son, Clayton, CWS f BCV, p. 179. Notes: A footstone is marked E.E.W.

Frank E. Elmore1941 —1989
Notes: This is a small metal funeral home marker.

Herman Bassett Elmore23 Nov 1896 —17 Apr 1979Pvt US Army
World War I
Notes: This is a military-issued marker.

Indie Brim Elmore1900 —1972
Indie Brimm married H.B. Elmore, CWS f BCV, p. 179. Notes: This is a small metal funeral home marker.

J.H. Elmore11 May 1842 —26 Apr 1926Our Father
Pvt. James Henry Elmore married Sarah Frances (Barnes) Saunders. Three of their children are buried here: Emmett E., Ophelia E., and Albert A. Elmore, CWS f BCV, pp. 178-79.

Sarah Frances Elmore19 Mar 1842 —10 Apr 1918Wife of J H Elmore
Notes: Inscription at bottom is hard to read. A footstone is marked S F E.

Mark Hinton Elmore1904 —1960
Notes: This is small metal funeral home marker.

Thelma E. Elmore26 Feb 1908 —5 Aug 1965

William Albert Elmore28 Oct 1921 —16 Sep 1998
It is also reported that Pvt. John B. Gunn and his wife, Lucy Jane Elmore, aunt of James Henry Elmore, are here, CWS f BCV, pp. 223-24.

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