Howerton Family Cemetery
Notes:This well-kept cemetery, approx. 60 ft x 80 ft and surrounded by a chain link fence, is located approx. 300 yds. east of Clifton Rd. (Route 628), and approx. 400 yds. south of Lew Jones Rd. (Route 616), in the Rawlings area of Brunswick County. The address at the entrance is 1520 Clifton Rd.
Latitude:36º 57' 40.6" N   (36.961278)
Longitude:77º 51' 12.2" W   (-77.853389)
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Mrs. W.F. Cheely1850 —1936

Rennie Howerton3 Jul 1885 —21 Jan 1955Father
Ben Rainey Howerton, CWS f BCV, p. 267.

Annie F. Howerton14 Nov 1889 —14 Mar 1958Mother

Laura Ann Howerton26 Mar 1927 —21 Dec 1931Daughter

29 Oct 1931 —29 Oct 1931Infant son of
Rennie & Annie Howerton

Elsie Gertrude Howerton9 Dec 1934 —21 Jan 1935Daughter

Timothy B. Reames1856 —1922
Timothy B. Reames married Matilda Howerton who is in the Sneade Family Cemetery, CWS f BCV, p. 267.

William A. House Jr.7 Dec 1916 —19 Dec 1942

Susan Howerton House17 Feb 1893 —23 Nov 1965

William Ashton House16 Apr 1883 —25 Aug 1966

Casper Harold House5 Jun 1918 —22 Feb 1974Virginia
World War II
Notes: This is a government-issued military stone.

Cecil Emory House13 Dec 1923 —29 May 1997U S ARMY
World War II
Notes: This is a government-issued military stone.

Charles W. Duke1959 —2007
Notes: This is a small metal funeral home marker.

Cora Coleman House19 Aug 1930 —
Robert McKinley House19 Jul 1928 —1 Aug 2008married Nov 21, 1953

Winona House Campbell29 Feb 1956 —6 Jul 1993In loving memory

Jesse Howerton Callis1888 —1970
Thomas Lemuel Callis1884 —1968

Dolly W. Howerton23 Jul 1857 —28 Nov 1929

Richard O. Howerton4 Dec 1853 —28 Jul 1919Lead kindly light
In loving remembrance of my dear husband
His words were kindness
His deeds were love
His spirit humble
He rest above
Richard Octavius Howerton married Dolly W. Cheely, CWS f BCV, p. 267.

 —25 Nov 1910Infant son of
John & Dora

Berkley T. Howerton13 Sep 1928 —21 Oct 1928

Dora C. Howerton21 May 1884 —28 Mar 1936

J.R. (Jack) Howerton3 Nov 1882 —15 Mar 1949
John R. Howerton married Dora C. Cheely, CWS f BCV, p. 267.

 —28 Apr 1936Infant son of
Collin and Connie

 —6 Nov 1936Infant son of
Collin and Connie

 —14 Jan 1940Infant son of
Collin and Connie

Joseph Collin Howerton7 Aug 1906 —16 Dec 1992

Connie C. Howerton18 Oct 1906 —4 Jun 1987Loving wife & mother

Richard Willard Howerton11 Aug 1929 —20 Mar 1985U S ARMY
Notes: This is a government-issued military stone.

Bartlett E. Howerton Jr.17 Aug 1954 —4 Aug 1985“Bart”

Bartlett Earl Howerton Sr.25 Jul 1931 —7 Apr 2001
Barbara Waller Howerton3 Jun 1935 —married June 30, 1951

Joseph M. Coleman24 Jan 1902 —8 Jul 1940

Marion H. Coleman9 Sep 1904 —25 Nov 1927

John Lynn Clary1897 —1960
Roberta H. Clary1895 —1964

Anna Mae Howerton Jones1899 —1990
Arthur Branch Jones1899 —1983

Blanche Jones Bondranko27 Feb 1922 —
George Bondranko7 Aug 1921 —31 Mar 2007

Rosa M. Fields1853 —1931

Sterling Fields1861 —1928
Notes: African-Americans Rosa and Sterling Fields worked for some the white families buried here and were consequently laid to rest in their family cemetery.


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