Jonesboro Baptist Church Cemetery
Notes:On Route 645 in Northwest Brunswick County.
Latitude:36º 59' 21.5" N   (36.989316)
Longitude:77º 59' 13.0" W   (-77.986948)
GNIS ID:1468867
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A large family stone for Reames.

Andrew W. Reames17 Jun 1879 —30 Nov 1935

Maude H. Reames4 May 1891 —16 Mar 1984

Laura Ida Jones27 Dec 1892 —8 Sep 1960

Carrie Ridley Jones8 Apr 1891 —22 Jan 1972

Kittye V. Reames 15 Mar 1929
A large family stone for the Bailey family.

James W. Bailey3 May 1861 —15 Jan 1926
See CWS f BCV, p. 46.

B. Franklin Bailey5 May 1898 —5 Dec 1918Gone but nor forgotten.
See CWS f BCV, p. 46.

F.B. Bailey28 Aug 1857 —18 Apr 1910In memory of
Bible Teacher Jonesboro Church
Although he sleeps his memory
doth live.
And cheering comfort to his
mourners give.
He followed Christ as his truest
Lived as a Chriatian,
as a Christian died.
“Blessed are the dead which
die in the Lord.”

Kittie Jones Bailey23 Jul 1867 —20 Jul 1930

Harold Seay Bailey19 May 1902 —23 Feb 1956
See CWS f BCV, p. 46.

Miss Janet Rebecca Bailey24 Nov 1903 —10 Apr 1976

Glenn P. Bailey6 Aug 1933 —25 Nov 1987
Shirley J. Bailey20 Aug 1935 —

Everett Bland Bailey19 Apr 1917 —3 Mar 1918
See CWS f BCV, p. 46.
According to Civil War Soldiers from Brunswick County, Virginia, Everett Blackwell Bailey and wife and first cousin, Kittie Angelina Jones, are buried here, presumably not far from their three sons, Everett, Harold, and Franklin, CWS f BCV, p. 46.

Haidi Angel Gonzalez 24 Jul 2000
The Lord is my Shepherd;
I shall not want.

Waverly Bennett Phillips14 Jul 1933 —8 Mar 2008SP4 US ARMY KOREA

John Alfred Edmonds4 Apr 1920 —20 Mar 1997

Charles Breedlove Jr.11 May 1935 —27 Apr 1992PRECIOUS MEMORIES

George I. Mayton9 Sep 1914 —7 Jul 1989BUCK
Mary L. Mayton11 Dec 1917 —17 Jul 1985BOOTIE -- NANNY

Joseph Alfred Edmonds9 Aug 1889 —25 Sep 1952
Sallie Ann Edmonds14 Oct 1899 —9 Dec 1980

Bernice Mae Edmonds 1926 -- 6 months

Robert Thomas Edmonds Jr.30 Sep 1945 —13 Nov 1945

Joe Mayton —10 Apr 1933AGE 16 YEARS

Robert Allen Mayton1908 —1963

Christine Mayton Nagy Heffner27 Dec 1938 —22 Feb 1972

George W. Grant9 Oct 1879 —23 Jan 1960
Elizabeth A. Grant7 Sep 1879 —7 Feb 1976
George W. Grant married Bettie Phillips who may not be identical to this Elizabeth A., perhaps a second wife, CWS f BCV, p. 218.

Robert Clifton Mayton6 Sep 1931 —8 Aug 1995GONE HOME

Bessie J. Mayton21 Aug 1913 —2 Mar 1997AN ANGEL GONE HOME

Pattie Elmore Laffoon25 Sep 1853 —13 Dec 1928

Henry Allen Mayton9 Feb 1936 —17 Jul 2009
Mae Hudson Mayton31 Mar 1941 —2 Jul 1999She was a jewel on earth,
now an Angel in Heaven.

John Arthur Grant26 Jun 1887 —Nov 1957
Mary E. “Nannie” Grant27 Aug 1893 —Feb 1964

James Austin Grant Sr.12 Mar 1941 —30 Aug 2001IN LOVING MEMORY OF OUR DAD

Charlie R. Grant1880 —1948
Beatrice O. Grant1899 —1978
Charlie R. Grant, CWS f BCV, p. 218.

Robert Franklin Grant Jr.13 Aug 1960 —8 Nov 1995BUBBA

John Lewis Ashley Daniel12 Jan 1922 —19 Jun 1983
Jennie Lee Mayton Daniel11 Nov 1922 —13 Jun 2001Wed Mar.18.1944

Thomas L. Mayton1901 —1966
Mary L. Mayton1902 —1993

Johnny H. Daniel6 Jan 1945 —11 Dec 1960

Samuel Lee Mayton11 Dec 1963 —18 Dec 1963

Josie Abernathy Mayton6 Jul 1923 —1 Jul 2000IN GOD”S CARE

Thomas S. Mayton30 Oct 1924 —28 Dec 1972VIRGINIA
Notes: This is a government-issued bronze marker.

Judith C. Daniel1943 —1996
Notes: This is a small metal funeral home marker.

Randy Allen Mayton18 Sep 1959 —12 Oct 2005“G.M. MAN”
Shirley Davis Mayton22 Mar 1948 —

Jordan Moses Phillips1 Nov 1881 —31 Jan 1965
Lelia Ann Phillips3 Jul 1891 —7 Jan 1981Tis Love that calls us home
at close of day. Rest in Peace

Charles “Bo” Clifton Phillips13 Nov 1957 —9 Feb 2008

Mary Agnes Phillips10 Jan 1947 —3 Mar 1963TIPPER

Baby Boy Phillips May 9, 1954
Rocka bye baby in the tree top.

Agnes McAllister Phillips2 Feb 1917 —15 Jan 2008
Richard Lloyd Phillips22 Jun 1917 —

Anna M. Hazlewood2 Mar 1842 —23 Jul 1914Sacred to the memory
of Mother.
Wife of J.J. Hazlewood
John J. Hazlewood —CO B 22 VA INF
C. S. A.
Pvt. John James Hazlewood married Anna Marion (Parrish) Stone, CWS f BCV, pp. 256, 532. Notes: This is a Confederate-issued headstone.

Samuel A. Phillips16 Apr 1895 —26 Aug 1964
Carrie Sue Phillips15 Dec 1894 —1 Mar 1964

Jason C. Nines1983 —1983
Notes: A small metal funeral home marker.

Margaret P. Brime1898 —1983
Notes: A small metal funeral home marker.

William A. Brime1907 —1981
Notes: A small metal funeral home marker.

Frank Edward Mayton17 Dec 1910 —1 Aug 1963

Florence Dorothy Mayton18 Jun 1940 —27 Jul 1940

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