Nathaniel Lilly Family Cemetery
Notes:Located approx. 0.5 mi. west of Rock Church Rd. (Route 766). This cemetery is enclosed with a rock wall 3-4 ft high and 2 ft thick, with a simple iron gate at entry way. The inside dimensions are only about 10 ft x 16 ft. There are only the 2 stones and room for perhaps 2 other graves.
Latitude:36º 40' 31.6" N   (36.675444)
Longitude:77º 52' 6.1" W   (-77.868361)
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Nathaniel Lilly5 Mar 1776 —18 Mar 1860
See CWS f BCV, pp. 42, 506. Notes: Nathaniel married Judith King in Brunswick County 5 January 1803, BCVM, p. 81. Nathaniel, age 74, and his daughter Martha Lilly, age 40, were residing in Brunswick County in 1850, Family 84.

James J. Lilly4 Feb 1821 —24 Feb 1856In memory of
Notes: Although evidently alive in 1850, James was not then residing in Brunswick County.


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