James H. Lucy Family Cemetery
Located down a wooded path, on the west side of Poor House Rd. (Route 642), approx. 0.7 mi. south of Holly Rd. (Route 682). It sits approx. 100 yd. off the road.
Latitude:36º 50' 53.2" N   (36.848111)
Longitude:77º 50' 14.0" W   (-77.837222)
The cemetery looks as though it contains only one row of graves and is approx. 40 ft long. The peremiter is enclosed with a coping of either granite or concrete.

James Hobbs Lucy25 Jun 1855 —6 Jul 1921In memory of
Henrietta Lucy14 Dec 1859 —26 Dec 1933In memory of
Henrietta Cheely married James Hobbs Lucy, CWS f BCV, pp. 97, 187, 333, 500.

Mattie Lucy Smith1880 —1930First Founder
Mattie Samuel Lucy married Joseph E. Smith, CWS f BCV, p. 334.

Helen H. Smith1915 —1958
E. Curtis Smith1911 —1986
This stone has a masonic emblem at the top.

Joseph Elias Smith1887 —1953Re-united after death
Wife Mattie Lucy Smith
Father “Elly” Ellison Curtis Smith
Successor and two infants
Second Marriage
Bashie Smith
Mrs. Sarah Crews
Mrs. Louise Phillips
Mrs. Betty Lawrence
Mr. Jackie Smith
Miss Joyce Smith
Inscriptions regarding the second marriage are on the back of the stone.
Joseph E. Smith, CWS f BCV, p. 334.

Alice Henrietta Smith1913 —1915
Myrta Sue Smith1916 —1918Two Infants
Mattie Lucy and Joseph Elias Smith
Erected by E.C.S. 32º
Presumably E.C.S. is Ellison Curtis Smith, a 32º Mason.


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