Mason Family Cemetery - Valentines
Notes:The entrance to this somewhat overgrown cemetery is on the east side of Christanna Hwy. (Route 46), approx. 0.75 mi. north of the Virginia-North Carolina state line. To reach the cemetery, one must travel down a series of farm paths and rural electric lines. At least 20 other graves are here, as evidenced by field stones and uniform depressions.
Latitude:36º 33' 18.8" N   (36.555222)
Longitude:77º 48' 3.5" W   (-77.800972)
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Benjamin J. Vincent Co E
Pvt. Benjamin Joshua Vincent, CWS f BCV, pp. 576-77. Notes: This is a government-issued military stone. Benjamin married Temperance Mason whose mother, Felicia (-) Mason, is buried nearby.

Sally Ann Gray Mason6 Mar 1829 —2 Aug 1888Mother
wife of
J.B. Mason
Jesus loves the pure and holy

Nathl. Thos. Williams Mason17 Sep 1866 —16 Sep 1869Son of
Thomas W. & Bettie G. Mason
Aged 3 years

Wm G. Mason5 Sep 1852 —15 Jul 1865In memory of
He is not dead but sleepeth

Felicia N. Mason18 Jul 1825 —10 Sep 1862My dear wife
Happy dear one in the bossom of our saviour till we meet again


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