Abner Moseley Family Cemetery
This cemetery is located in North Carolina, about 750 ft. across the state line, south of Ebony, VA. To reach the cemetery, travel south on Ebony Rd. (Route 903) across the state line approx 0.2 mi. Turn right into the Gaston Heights subdivision and follow this road straight back toward Lake Gaston approx. 0.5 mi. Turn right onto Ice Pond Rd. and go approx. 75 yds. Turn right onto a wooded path and go approx. 0.1 mi. and the cemetery is on the right. At least 15 other graves are in this cemetery as evidenced by fieldstones, and possibly many more.
Latitude:36º 32' 32.9" N   (36.542472)
Longitude:78º 0' 4.3" W   (-78.001194)
This cemetery contains the remains of Abner Moseley, his wife Sarah Ann Kirkland, their son-in-law Lt. Robert Jones Braswell who married Martha Ann Moseley, and their son Henry Clay Moseley and his wife, Harriet Elizabeth Birdsong, the daughter of James Birdsong and Susan E. Lilly, CWS f BCV, pp. 63-64, 76, 389-90.

1 LT Robert J. Braswell Coleman's Co
This is a government-issued military marker.

Henry Clay Moseley10 Aug 1847 —17 Jun 1900Son of
Abner & Sallie Moseley
Married Jan 19, 1871
What though in lonely grief we sigh
for forms beloved, no longer nigh?
Submissive still would we reply,
”Thy will be done.”

Harriet Elizabeth Moseley —4 Jul 1900Daughter of
James & Susan Birdsong
Hand in hand when their life was may
Hand in hand when their hair grew gray
Hand in hand when the long night - tide
Gently covered them: side by side
Love is with them forever now

Sallie Kirkland Moseley17 Mar 1811 —Jun 1892She was loved by all who knew and is
now numbered among the angels above

Abner Moseley1808 —1863In memory of
erected 2005


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