Oakwood Cemetery, South Beach Section
Notes:South Beach Section of Oakwood Cemetery is the former right-of-way of the South Beach St. extension and includes space for 44 graves on each side of what is now a 12 ft wide path.
Latitude:36º 45' 20.5" N   (36.755702)
Longitude:77º 51' 32.0" W   (-77.858882)
GNIS ID:1471798
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Lot 1A

Patricia Edwards Roehrich2 Jan 1928 —22 Dec 1987

William Tillman Harrison25 Aug 1913 —30 Oct 1990

Lot 1B

Elsie Saunders Webb9 Mar 1918 —5 Feb 1989
Elsie Lee Saunders, wife of Robert R. Webb, CWS f BCV, p. 355.

Robert Rives Webb Sr.29 Nov 1913 —30 Sep 1994

Lawrence Edward Lucy11 Jan 1925 —2 Jan 1990

Welford O. Lucy Jr.27 Jun 1931 —14 Jun 2005
Welford Ordway Lucy, son of Horace and Alice Lucy, CWS f BCV, p. 333.

Lot 2A

Frederick Jones Vaughan29 Nov 1919 —30 Mar 2003

Alice Bailey Samford21 May 1930 —25 Apr 1995
Alice Bailey, wife of William Boyd Samford, CWS f BCV, p. 520.

Lot 2B

Leska Powell Bell19 Sep 1887 —16 Apr 1967

Lloyd Victor Bell27 Nov 1889 —15 Oct 1957

Lot 4B

Lenore Kline Bain25 Apr 1951 —30 Apr 2000We Loved Her


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