Ogden Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Notes:This church was founded in 1892. Its cemetery measures about 25 ft x 30 ft.
Latitude:36º 45' 26.5" N   (36.757368)
Longitude:77º 55' 28.0" W   (-77.924440)
GNIS ID:1471816
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George E. Johnson1882 —1932

Sarah Short1857 —1939

Isham Short1856 —1931

Nora A. Penn1888 —1940Gone But Not Forgotten

Daniel Penn Sr. —27 Apr 1954Aged 82 years
Notes: MP is deteriorated. Date and age of death may be off.

Elnorah Hansard1897 —1924

Daniel D. Penn Jr.8 May 1899 —2 Feb 1978

Clarence Wallis1920 —1922

Gertrude Penn7 Jul 1903 —18 Jan 1948

Eva May Logan26 May 1925 —16 Jun 1952

William B. Wallace18 Jan 1889 —11 Sep 1923VIRGINIA
Notes: Flat government-issued military stone.

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