Orgain Family Cemetery
Notes:Located about 400 ft behind the house on Brunswick Dr. (Rounte 644) about 200 yd. south of the intersection with Chalk Level Rd. (Route 652). Only one stone stands near what was once the Bethel Methodist Church parsonage although evidence of four other graves remains.
Latitude:36º 52' 5.7" N   (36.868260)
Longitude:77º 56' 43.8" W   (-77.945510)
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Rebecca L. Orgain —4 Oct 1851Departed from this life
October 4th, 1851
Rebecca Lewis Orgain was the wife of Dr. John Orgain who is said to be buried next to his wife where a broken stone is visible, CWS f BCV, p. 409. Notes: Their marriage bond was dated 31 November 1834, with his father, Thomas Orgain, consenting, BCVM, p. 98.


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