Columbus Pearson Family Cemetery
Notes:Located in a wooded area behind a home located at 2401 Huckstep Rd. (Route 663). It is on the north side of Huckstep and approx. 100 yd. from the road.
Latitude:36º 36' 36.5" N   (36.610139)
Longitude:77º 54' 39.3" W   (-77.910917)
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Columbus Pearson3 Mar 1889 —14 Sep 1953Virginia
811 Pioneer Infantry
World War I
Notes: This is a government-issued military headstone.

There is only one inscribed headstone in this cemetery although many other graves are here, as evidenced by field stones and depressions.
According to an individual living on the property, Columbus Pearson, an African-American, worked on the farm for the Floyds, who owned the land. When he died they buried him in what they believed was a slave cemetery there on the farm. The last person said to be buried there was the daughter of a local black man, Hobart Maclin. She has no marker and the individual reported that he didn't know what her name was.
A niece of Columbus Pearson, Alice M. Pace, confirmed the story about the last person buried here and added that Columbus' parents, William Pearson and Mildred (Evans) Pearson are also here.

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