Sculthorp Family Cemetery
Notes:Located on the north side of Matthews Chapel Rd. (Route 692), approx. 0.25 mi. east of Christanna Hwy (Route 46). It is approx. 500 yd. off the paved road. It is approx. 40 ft square, enclosed by a 3 ft high chain link fence, and covered by fine gravel.
Latitude:36º 38' 7.5" N   (36.635425)
Longitude:77º 51' 45.0" W   (-77.862490)
GNIS ID:1474121
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Edna Ward Sculthorp11 Sep 1908 —6 Jun 1967Loved one remembered

Edwin S. Sculthorp22 Mar 1877 —6 Jan 1941
Annie B. Sculthorp14 Oct 1883 —1 May 1978Loved ones remembered

Winnie Sculthorp Darden Kirrmann Jan 11, 1917
Notes: This is the only date on the stone, either birth or death.

Mary Kidd31 Oct 1947 —1 Nov 1947Mary ~ Martha
Twin daughters of
Mr. & Mrs. C.G. Kidd
Gone so soon
Martha Kidd31 Oct 1947 —1 Nov 1947


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