Wiley Short Family Cemetery
The large 100 ft square family cemetery is approx 300 yd east of Sturgeon Road, on the south side of the driveway of a home with the address of 440 Sturgeon Road, Lawrenceville, VA. This home/driveway is 0.1 mile, north of the intersection of Sturgeon Road and Farmers Field Road. In addition to 9 inscribed headstones, at least 10 other graves are here as evidenced by field stones and uniform depressions, and possibly many more.
Latitude:36º 48' 42.7" N   (36.811861)
Longitude:77º 46' 10.1" W   (-77.769472)

John Douglas Scarborough29 Aug 1837 —1 Sep 1914Son of
J.W. & J.G. Scarborough
Although his headstone does not depict this, John Douglas Scarborough was a Corporal in the Confederate Army, serving in Company C, 5th Infantry Battalion and later in the war in Company C, 53rd Virginia Infantry Regiment.
Pvt. John Douglas Scarborough, CWS f BCV, p. 488.

Rosa Everlina Scarborough20 Mar 1848 —26 Aug 1895Wife of
J.D. Scarborough
Daughter of
Wiley & Lucy Ann Short
Rosa Everlina Short married as his third wife, J.D. Scarbrough 26 October 1876, CWS f BCV, p. 488.

Lucy A. Scarborough20 Aug 1851 —15 Nov 1900Wife of
J.W. Scarborough
Asleep in Jesus

J.W. Scarborough1849 —1937Our Father
Gone But Not Forgotten
James W. Scarbrough, brother or J.D. Scarborough married Lucy Ann Short, another daughter of Wiley Short, CWS f BCV, p. 488.

Mary Elizabeth Daniel13 Jul 1921 —7 Aug 1921Our Darling
Daughter of
Alma H. & J.S. Daniel
Infant daughter of Alma Browder and John Shelton Daniel who are in Oakwood Cemetery, CWS f BCV, p. 331.

M. Elizabeth Daniel30 Jul 1872 —15 Dec 1908Wife of
R. Patterson Daniel
Daughter of
J.D. & M.F. Scarborough
Mary Louise Elizabeth Scarborough married Richard Peterson Daniel and they had 2 children die in infancy, CWS f BCV, p. 488.

R. Patterson Daniel24 Mar 1871 —22 Aug 1902Son of
W.R. & M.A. Daniel

Milton R. Daniel14 Apr 1897 —12 Jun 1899Son of
R.P. & Bettie L. Daniel
Our Loved One

23 Feb 1896 —Our Babe
Son of
R.P. & Bettie L. Daniel
Born and Died
Only Sleeping
No name on the stone, only “Our Babe.”
When this cemetery was located it was quite overgrown, however a complete restoration project was initiated in January 2019 by a descendant of those buried here with the assistance of the local Sons of Confederate Veterans, The Old Brunswick Camp #512. It is believed Wiley Short Jr., father of Rosa Everlina Short and Mary Frances Short, both wives of John Douglas Scarborough, and his wife Lucy Ann Smith, are buried here.

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