Stewart Family Cemetery
Notes:This African-American cemetery is located approx 0.4 mi. east of Christanna Hwy (Route 46) and 0.7 mi. south of the intersection with Brunswick Drive (Route 644). There is evidence of 4 or 5 other graves here, that are unmarked.
Latitude:36º 53' 18.8" N   (36.888556)
Longitude:77º 55' 34.4" W   (-77.926222)
GNIS ID:1475130
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Dr. Fannie Logan Page29 Jun 1941 —7 Jun 2005

Olivia Logan18 Apr 1936 —26 Aug 1999

Mittie ?4 Oct 1882 —8 Jun 1952
Robert M. ?3 Apr 1878 —15 Sep 1936GBNF
Notes: There are no last names on this stone.

Charles Stewart —4 Apr 1917Aged
70 years

Charlotte Stewart —3 Jun 1895Wife of
Chas. Stewart
?5 years
Asleep in Jesus
Notes: Her age at death was not legible.

Preston Morgan27 Aug 1910 —23 Jun 1975

George H. Bagley, II30 Nov 1922 —12 Mar 1993


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