Thomas-Harrison Family Cemetery
This well-kept cemetery is located approx. 200 yd. behind a home with the address of 5427 Liberty Rd., Dolphin. It is 0.8 mi. west of Twin Rd. (Route 651). At least 15 other graves are here as evidenced by fieldstones and depressions.
Latitude:36º 50' 15.1" N   (36.837528)
Longitude:77º 49' 11.1" W   (-77.819750)

Benjamin H. Harrison3 Sep 1860 —6 Jun 1902
Benjamin H. Harrison married Adelie V. Rideout who is in the Barnes Family Cemetery, CWS f BCV, pp. 247-48.

B.H. Phillips Co F
This stone is a government-issued military marker.
Pvt. Benjamin Henry Phillips married Sallie F. Harrison, who is also said to be buried here, CWS f BCV, p. 436.

David C. Thomas Jr.4 Oct 1919 —17 Apr 1944
Son of David C. Thomas Sr. and his second wife Ruby Barnes, CWS f BCV, p. 552.

David C. Thomas Sr.3 Apr 1864 —3 Oct 1936
David Carson Thomas was the son of Pvt. David Stith Thomas and Mary S. Harrison, sister of Benjamin H. Harrison. He married first Mary Eva Elizabeth Lucy who is in the Lucy Family Cemetery, CWS f BCV, pp. 551-52.

Charlie L. Thomas 
This stone was buried very deep and only the name could be read.

Joseph Burns Harrison6 Jan 1851 —14 Dec 1912Father
Mollie Rideout Harrison6 Nov 1853 —6 Mar 1933Mother
Joseph Burns Harrison married Adelia's sister, Mary B. Rideout, CWS f BCV, p. 248.

29 Jan 1893 —14 Oct 1893Children of A.M. & F.M. Hover
Little Carry
Suffer little children
to come unto me
This stone was an oblisk style that had been broken. The top portion was sitting upright and had inscriptions on 3 sides. It is very difficult to read. Presumably “Little Carry” indicates that Cary Hover was the chid's name.
Alice Maude Phillips, daughter of Benjamin H. Phillips, married F.M. Hover, CWS f BCV, p. 436.


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