Trotter Family Cemetery
Notes:Located on the north side of Lew Jones Rd. (Route 616), on the very back side of a farm. The driveway/path to the farm is Trotter Lane, which is approx. 0.5 mi. east of Judd Rd. and approx. 0.25 mi. west of Little Deer Rd. (Route 644).
Latitude:36º 56' 37.1" N   (36.943639)
Longitude:77º 55' 38.2" W   (-77.927278)
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The largest portion of this cemetery is enclosed by a rock wall 2-3 ft tall and approx. 2 ft thick. The section inside the rock wall is approx. 40 x 100 ft.
Field stones and depressions are evidence of other graves inside the rock wall.

Isham Trotter1 Jul 1792 —30 Oct 1856Married to Agnes T. Manson
Dec 19, 1816
Col. Isham Trotter married Agnes Thweatt Manson, CWS f BCV, p. 562. Notes: This stone has broken in half. It seems to be very old and is difficult to read. It is the only inscribed stone inside the rock wall surrounding this portion of the cemetery.

These two “Callis” stones are outside the rock wall about 2-3 ft.

William Andrew Callis1 Nov 1854 —24 Jan 1920
Jennie Moore Callis14 Jan 1861 —10 Dec 1902

William Russell Callis28 Feb 1892 —22 Nov 1904


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