Joseph A. Wirz Family Cemetery
Notes:Located on the northeast side of Christanna Hwy (Route 46), approx. 1 mi. south of Ankum Rd. (Route 665), no more than 100 yd. off the road, directly across 46 from a home with an address of 5535 Christanna Hwy.
Latitude:36º 36' 13.5" N   (36.603750)
Longitude:77º 51' 24.6" W   (-77.856833)
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Joseph A. Wirz30 Jul 1878 —12 Apr 1899In memory of
son of
J.H. & A.E. Wirz
He is waiting over yonder
for the ones who
loved him best,
He'll be glad to see
them coming
Home to Heaven,
sweet land of rest.

This is the only headstone in this very small cemetery, with only 1 other grave, as evidenced by a fieldstone marker.

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