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The Korean War began 25 June 1950 when the North Korean Army crossed the 38th parallel, invading the south to unite the peninsula under a Communist regime. The United States and the Soviet Union, then Cold War enemies, entered the conflict. As Congress never declared war, it is also called the Korean Conflict. U.N. forces drove the North Koreans back beyond  the 38th parallel by October 1950 and continued to advance in anticipation of uniting Korea under the southern regime. Fearing an invasion, China mobilized 270,000 troops forcing the U.N. south of the 38th parallel. By the ceasefire of 27 July 1953, the lines were essentially back at the 38th parallel.
The U.S. had as many as 480,000 troops in the theatre and incurred some 36,000 dead and 92,000 wounded. Brunswick County casualties included PFC George W. Archer Jr. (1929-15 Sep 1950), PVT Thomas M. Harper (1931-9 Apr 1952), PFC Vernon James Onion (1930-25 Dec 1950), SFC Edward C. Woodruff (1920-30 Nov 1950), and PFC Robert J. Simmons Jr. (1929-18 Oct 1951).

ACharlie E. AcreeCanaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)
Albert Henry Argo Jr.Reedy Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

BCrawford Frederick BannerMatthews Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
Elmore Owen BowerOakwood Park Addition
Cleveland Page BurtonCanaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)

CCecil Jennings CannonJames Square Baptist Church Cemetery
Aubrey Lewis ClaryJames Square Baptist Church Cemetery
Billy Eugene ClineOakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
William Benjamin Crowder Sr.Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery

EEarl Smith EdwardsOakwood Park Cemetery, Section B

FWilliam Kennedy FowlerFirst Baptist Church Cemetery

GGeorge C. GrantMt. Zion Church AME Cemetery

HJames M. HammackRocky Run United Methodist Church Cemetery
James H. HardyMount Pleasant Church Cemetery
Harvey Odell HarrisonOakwood Park Cemetery, Section B
Joseph M. HarrisonWalter Taylor Family Cemetery (Black)
Robert L. HarrisonWalter Taylor Family Cemetery (Black)
Claude Furman HayesCanaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)
William C. HockadayBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Richard Willard HowertonHowerton Family Cemetery

JLeonard L. JonesOlive Branch United Methodist Church Cemetery

KFrancis Leon KellyReavis Cemetery

LTommy LammOlive Branch United Methodist Church Cemetery

MJames B. MasonOakwood Park Cemetery, Section B
Julius Anderson MoorePerseverance Christian Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
James H. MoseleyCanaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)

NFuller C. NicholsonOakwood Cemetery, Section 4
Thomas Peter NortonOakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
George B. Norwood Sr.James B. Norwood Family Cemetery

OJunius Daniel OwensLittle Zion Church RZUA Cemetery

PJames Garfield Parham Jr.Lovely Zion Baptist Church Cemetery
Malverne Carter ParrishOakwood Park Cemetery, Section B
Waverly Bennett PhillipsJonesboro Baptist Church Cemetery
Carsie C. Pierce Jr.Bethany United Methodist Church Cemetery
Nedeom Putney Jr.First Baptist Church Cemetery

RCharles Dennis RaneyPerseverance Christian Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)

SLorenzo J. ScottFirst Baptist Church Cemetery
John M. SimmonsFirst Baptist Church Cemetery
Donnie Edgar SimsEdgerton Memorial Cemetery
Foresteen SingletonFirst Baptist Church Cemetery
Clarence E. SpenceProspect United Methodist Church Cemetery
Neal Robinson StewartNew Pleasant Hill Christian Church Cemetery

TThomas Lee TaylorPhiladelphia United Methodist Church Cemetery
Floyd Lee TempleCanaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)
Hugh P. ThompsonWilliams Methodist Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)

This list contains the names of 45 soldiers.

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